Interprofessional Education - IPE

Programs of Study

Step 3

Teamwork and Conflict Resolution

Step 3 is an advanced level IPE program intended to help health and social care students work in teams and resolve conflicts. It builds on notions acquired during the first two Steps. A lecture will be delivered to show how conflicts in health teams are detrimental to the patient/client, leading to less than optimal healthcare. Students will be then given strategic tools for creating teams and managing conflicts. They will have the opportunity to use these tools during the small group discussion.

Students Learning Outcomes

  1. Manage disagreements about values, roles, goals and actions that arise among simulated situations with health and social care professionals, patients, and families, using the appropriate communication techniques.
  2. Examine the roles and practices of effective teams in managing conflicts.
  3. Employ the knowledge and experience of other professions to make informed decisions, while respecting patient and community values and priorities/preferences for care.