Interprofessional Education

We are dedicated to facilitating awareness and implementation of IPE and Collaborative Practice within the LAU educational community and within healthcare education and practice. LAU is a pioneer of IPE in Lebanon since 2010, and we strive to expand our teaching, practice, and research in the field both locally and regionally.

Message from Dr. Naser Zaki Alsharif, LAU-IPE chair

Message from Dr. Wael Salameh, LAU-IPE coordinator

Words from our students and faculty

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IPE taught me that sometimes there’s no right or wrong; it all depends on the perspective that one’s looking through. Also, all members of the team are equally important, and each contribution can make a difference.

Rasha Abou Ali, Pharmacy

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IPE in Pictures

Interprofessional students work as a team to provide quality health care.
Our students learn about effective communication, collaboration, and teamwork among health and social care professionals.
LAU has been a pioneer of IPE in Lebanon since 2010.
The program will partner with post-licensure professionals to foster life-long learning and creation of environments that support interprofessional health and social care collaboration.