Interprofessional Education - IPE

Programs of Study

Step 1

Introduction to IPE and Collaborative Practice

Step 1 is the first exposure to IPE for entry-level students. Its main purpose is to introduce the notion of IPE and collaborative practice as well as present each profession’s roles and responsibilities.

After a quick icebreaker which enables a small group of students (10-15) to get acquainted with each other, all participating students will attend a short lecture during which the concepts of IPE and collaborative practice as well as the “STEPS” program will be presented. Subsequently, five faculty members representing each profession, in a mock clinical situation simulating the typical “profession” role, will conduct a role-play. Finally, the groups will move to separate breakout rooms for case-based discussions. The case discussion scenario is specifically designed to visualize all different healthcare profession roles.

Students Learning Outcomes

  1. Define interprofessional education (IPE) and collaborative practice (CP).
  2. Explain own professional role.
  3. Identify similarities and differences within and across the health and social care professions.
  4. List positive aspects of collaborative practice.
  5. List barriers to collaborative practice.