Lebanese American University

IPEInterprofessional Education

Practice IPE Activity Guidelines

  1. The activity must be consistent with the IPE definition: Interprofessional education occurs when multiple professions learn about, from and with each other to develop cohesive practices that improve health care and social well being.
  2. Faculty representing two or more professions (medicine, nursing, nutrition, pharmacy, social work, physiotherapy, clinical psychology, medical lab science, etc.) will develop the activity..
  3. The activity will involve students from two or more LAU health and social care majors: nursing, medicine, pharmacy, social work, and dietetics/nutrition.
  4. The activity will occur in the clinical setting (inpatient, outpatient, community) and engage students from an interprofessional care perspective.
  5. The plan for the Practice IPE Activity should include the following (see application form and sample in Appendix E):
    1. Lead faculty member (a full-time LAU faculty member)
    2. Names and professions of other faculty involved
    3. Two to four measurable student learning outcomes for the activity
    4. Majors and level of students that will be invited to participate. See Appendix B, a summary of the IPE Days, which may help you determine what students to involve in the activity you propose.
    5. Time frame
    6. Number of students that can be accommodated in the activity
    7. Health care agency and setting within the agency where this IPE experience will be offered. See Appendix C, which identifies most of the clinical agencies with which LAU health and social care majors have clinical affiliation agreements and where two or more of our majors have clinical experiences.
    8. Description of the learning activities
    9. Method of assessing student learning/attainment of learning outcomes.
  6. For every selected project, a stipend of 400 USD will be awarded to the lead faculty and 200 USD to the other faculty members involved.
  7. Applications should be e-mailed to Dr. Nadine Zeeni (nadine.zeeni@lau.edu.lb) as notified in the emails sent to the Deans at the beginning of every Academic Year. Proposals will be reviewed by IPE work group members who are not involved in any practice IPE activity. 

Download the application form.