Lebanese American University

IPEInterprofessional Education



I learned that people from different professions are quite similar overall. This was my first IPE and it was an excellent introduction!

Ahmad Mahdi, MED I student and participant in the “Foods That Fight Cancer” practice IPE activity


To see a student and a customer chatting over lettuce in the produce department each with a sparkle in his eye was an experience I wish I could have “bottled” and taken home with me. 

Dr. Nancy Chedid, Lead Faculty for the “Foods That Fight Cancer” practice IPE activity


Everyone knows things in their specific major and we can all help eah other. People believe us more when we’re all together!

Claire El-Jor, Dietetic intern and participant in the “Foods That Fight Cancer” practice IPE activity


I participated in 4 IPE Steps and if it hasn’t been for my work load, I would have loved to take more!

Rama El Dukar, Social Work student


You want to be a leader in the health sector? LAU-IPE is the best way and place for it. Take advantage of the opportunities and pave the way for others to follow your lead. Go out there, collaborate, negotiate and inspire… Make us proud!

Chant Kazandjian, Nursing alumnus